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From President Aquino’s speech at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, 26 August 2013 (translation mine)

"The challenge for us is this: to stop being content waiting for assistance out of others’ benevolence. In its stead we should do everything in our power, to the best of our ability, to carry out our responsibility to others and to society. We should ask ourselves: can we face ourselves if we refuse to be part of change? Is it not a great thing to be worthy of the freedom for which our heroes fought?" 

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Empire or Republic, nothing really changes. It is annoying to hear people saying all the time: ‘It is the Emperor’s fault.’ If our generals have shown themselves to be inefficient, if our officers are ignorant, if our troops have had their moments of cowardice, that is not the Emperor’s fault. Moreover, a single man cannot have so great an influence on a nation, and if the French nation had not been disintegrating, the Emperor’s extraordinary mediocrity would not have robbed us of victory. Let us not forget that sovereigns always reflect the nation over which they rule, and that they would not remain on their thrones for three days if they were at variance with its soul.
The Goncourt Journal, September 8, 1870 (via mlq3)

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Scatterbrain: Why Earthmover Deserves to Open for Deftones Live in Manila


The voice of the people in the local music scene has never been this important, and you can be a part of it.

For the first time, encourages fans to vote which band deserves the most to open for one of the most significant groups in the entire industry to visit our shores,

It is clear that they must open. I’ve seen them and this post argues, most importantly, that the band itself are active fans of the Deftones.